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New, Hypnotic Blueprinting

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Zen Hypnosis with Dr. David Eskelin Video

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Mindful Eating

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Achieve Your Goals! Steps to Take Today!

Most of us talk the talk about getting healthy and in practical experience we may be downright competent on our know-how. The difference is achieving those goals that we set for ourselves. Here are some helpful tips on how to set a goal and follow through with it until completion. An interesting article on MSN gives the guidelines on goal-setting.

When using hypnosis to help achieve your fitness goals, it’s important to have a conscious realization about some basics of being successful. Hypnosis is a tool to help strengthen your mind and re-work old patterns into new behaviors and thoughts. This takes time and being realistic, envisioning where you want to be and other goal-setting tips help reinforce what you are doing with hypnosis.

Hypnosis will tackle the subconscious, the thoughts that are deeply ingrained into set behaviors, but having conscious thoughts each day about where you want to be and how you are getting there is just as important to the success of your program. Being flexible and altering these goals when you meet or fall below them is also integral to lasting success, you must be able to adapt and change during weight loss programs. The flexibility to assess goals and progress allows for concrete changes to be made and alterations that are needed to be addressed. Simply floating through a program without any thought during the process or any vision will only end in an unsuccessful program.

Use the power of your mind today to set your goals and move forward into a healthier and happier state of being.

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Using Your Thoughts to Slim Down!

Hypnosis is often misunderstood, there is the belief that you no longer have to do any work to lose weight. That you don’t have to exercise any longer, pay attention to what you eat or when. The illusion that hypnosis puts you on auto-pilot and drives you into success after a lifetime of health failures, is unrealistic to say the very least.

How contrary this sounds opposed to the New Year’s hype that surrounds every diet trend in America. Why even use hypnosis at all if it won’t make you do something? Often an apathetic client will say, “I thought the hypnosis would make me do it,” after refusing to listen to the CD’s, read materials, or try to exercise. They sit there with past failures reinforcing their negative outlook and simply want the quick fix, the miracle of suggestion.

What hypnosis can do is reprogram the way you think. How significant can that be after years of negative self talk! The amount of change it can create and help reinforce is incredible. You have to want new behaviors, you have to try new behaviors that the hypnotic suggestions will help strengthen. Using techniques from the most conscious of our control, like the suggestions in the MSN article, to the less conscious techniques that become ingrained into the way we eat, think and behave.

Let the New Year’s panic diets help you for the first time by taking the energy and excitement and really putting your effort behind it. Be realistic about how hypnosis works and how it works for your diet. Take your enthusiasm, but don’t let it dwindle if you don’t lose twenty pounds in a month. Real health takes time because creating true change that lasts requires mental change, not just a quick dietary alteration or brief exercise shift.

If you’ve struggled for years of your life, be patient with yourself. Be kind to your mind and know that you must work to repattern thoughts just as you took years to create those patterns. Hypnosis works faster than most expect, but permanent healthy weight loss must be done in a sustainable way.

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New Research on Pain Control

The link above brings you to Rock Center’s page with Brian Williams and Natalie Morales reporting on this solider’s battle with extreme pain after he was wounded in combat. NBC news reports on the findings that this virtual reality game provided more relief than morphine to the soldiers using it during treatment. The study can bring more light to how the brain perceives pain. When you are not actively using the pain pathways in the brain and use other pathways to distract your mind, the pain centers in the MRI’s significantly decrease.

That means the experience of pain was reduced on a brain level. The before and after MRI scans were telling evidence of how the pain pathways were lit up before, but were hardly present while the soldiers played the virtual reality game.

You can use hypnosis to create a similar effect, creating a “virtual” world in your own mind and learning to focus on that while blocking out pain, stress, cravings, etc. That’s why hypnosis is so powerful, it is using the power of your own brain to create an alternate place where you can condition positive thoughts and feelings to become more routine. The more you think about a particular thought, the easier it is to forge that pathway in the brain. So if you’re in chronic pain, the pain pathways become more alert to any signal about pain. Meaning you experience pain more quickly and easily because your pathways have been conditioned over time to do so.

The same thing occurs with weight loss and smoking, each in different ways. With weight loss, it tends to be a combination of factors to your thinking. Negative thoughts about losing weight, eating, self image and exercise all tend to contribute towards weight gain. Reprogramming your mind to focus on positive ways of thinking and recondition your brain to do so changes how you eat, feel about your body and the process of losing weight.

For smokers, there’s the chemical element of addiction, where each time you smoke it lights up the pleasure centers in the brain. The fact is, nicotine leaves the body’s system within about 72 hours after quitting smoking. So why is it so difficult to continue to be smoke free? It’s the element of habit and conditioning that you’ve done over time. The routine is programmed into your brain making it normal and natural for you to smoke. It feels unnatural to stop smoking because the pathways are conditioned in the brain to receive that stimulus, the habit is ingrained into a pattern that feels good and the emotional ties to smoking are key to understanding how to quit.

With hypnosis, we break up those patterns that are sabotaging your health and wellness. Whether it’s pain, weight loss, or smoking cessation there are many ways to approach hypnosis for each individual. The effect can be startling with lifelong attitudes and habits disappearing and positive thoughts emerging. You can learn to condition your brain in a new way to better your health and well being for a lifetime.

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A Healthier Holiday Season

The holiday season is almost in full swing and many of us release the last purse strings of control and allow a month or two of indulgence to kick in. This is the time of year many of our potential clients say they’ll just wait until the holidays are over, it would be too difficult to start now and the truth is they want to indulge! This is what many of us consider a free time to do whatever we want. With the average person gaining 8 or more pounds every year during this time, you have to think about the real cost of saying “yes” to poor eating for two months.

Total health that includes preventative care must go year round! You can still enjoy the holidays and have a few favorites without going to an extreme and forgetting your health entirely. I tell clients, this is the perfect time of year to try hypnosis for weight loss because it allows you to eat some of your treats, but still be in control. Hypnosis can help provide stress relief and management during a hectic holiday season! Hypnosis can teach you how to eat in moderation, feel full faster and to crave healthier foods.

It’s wonderful to start at the New Year and get on board with your health, but why start then when you could have prevented that ten pound weight gain, when you could have already started two months prior and had a healthier holidays? It is always easier to be preventative then to have to go in once a bigger problem has formed. Most of us need to become healthier even before the holidays, so delaying your decision to become healthy and manage your weight only makes it more challenging.

Start today with a decision to change the way you think about weight loss, your body and the way you eat. It is possible and we know that because we see it every day, using hypnosis and mindfulness techniques to change the way people think about food. It starts upstairs, in your brain with the way you have been programmed throughout your life. Perhaps you’ve put some of those thoughts in there yourself, but you never recognized them in a conscious way. No one ever thinks “I’m stressed, so I’ll eat this entire plate of cookies.”

The way you think has been formed by thousands of small decisions throughout your life. It becomes a thought pattern and a behavioral pattern that forms a natural reaction. You automatically reach for something sweet to pick you up when you’re tired or to calm you down after a stressful day. Those unconscious things we do can be broken up. You can form new thought and behavior patterns with the help of hypnosis, it’s a powerful tool in the fight for your health.

If you feel that you’ve tried everything you could, every diet plan and exercise plan known to earth, then hypnosis could be the missing key for your health. Changing your thinking is where everything else flows from, the way you think and feel about food, nutrition and exercise comes from your thoughts. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “I just hate exercise, I always have.” What if you can change that thought? What if you start to feel a love for exercise? A desire to move your body more? That’s where true and lasting change comes in, that’s where total health from emotional all the way down to physical comes from.

It comes from a desire to be healthy, to think like a healthy person does and to act in the way that healthy people behave. Change your mind and you can change your body.

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Go with the Group! Getting the Support You Need!

Maybe you’re like most of our clients; you go it alone and try to tough out exercise and eating by yourself. There’s a bit of individualism in our dieting culture, it focuses on your own willpower and strength to make the changes happen that will lead to weight loss. We often forget or downsize the importance that our office environment, family and friends can make on our healthy lifestyle, or lack thereof.

Many workplaces are becoming savvy about how to keep their employees healthy, with some joining Biggest Loser challenges, joining Weight Watchers together, or supporting more exercise programs for their workers. Even the workplace cafeterias are starting to serve healthier foods and cut out the worst of the fatty, unhealthy meals. Work can be a place where you encourage one another to be healthier, whether you already have a group at work doing walks on lunch or not; you can join or start the workplace movement.

Whether it’s work or your social circle, try to gain support with your new mindset. You can be as determined as you want, but are you surrounded by those negative people who undermine your success? You can’t always cut out the people who offer you desserts while you’re trying to become healthy and lose weight, but you can make sure you broaden your own support network.

Join an online movement, where you can view positive posts and receive daily support from even strangers. Or join a more traditional meeting group like Weight Watchers, where you can meet in person to talk and be in the community that’s focused on health.

There are exercise programs that encourage a group mindset, like certain training courses or adult sports leagues, like Comeback Sports in Tacoma ( When you are on a team and playing a game, it seems less like “working out” and more like having fun. You’re moving more and relying on each other encourages accountability and team work.

You are not alone in your quest to change your mind and become a healthier person. Find your network of support and use hypnosis to help strengthen and change your own behavior patterns. Meeting with a hypnotherapist can provide that extra piece of help to overcome a lifetime of eating and exercise patterns, even the way you think about yourself. The one on one meetings and hypnosis are a piece of the puzzle; make sure to expand your personal support system to include family, friends, work and more! The help is out there if you look for it and become an advocate for your own health!

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“Healthy, Easy Grab and Go Breakfast Recipes”-MSN

I know who you are, I am one of you, I struggle daily to eat when and what I should. Meaning, I am a meal skipper, I can go hours, even all day without feeling hungry, until I am. My one saving grace is that I’ve always eaten breakfast. In fact, now I really pay attention to when I need to eat, before I even feel hungry. I now pay attention to what I eat, meaning I choose foods that will keep me full and satiated.

If you’re one of the many who skips meals and can’t find the “time” to eat healthy, check out the link to find some easy on-the-go meals to start your day off right.

Our heaviest clients follow this eating pattern: no breakfast, no mid-morning snack, no lunch, no afternoon snack, and then a lot of evening eating or a large-sized dinner. Stop the cycle now and get eating the right foods and do it at the right times!

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Making Time for Movement

If you’ve ever told yourself, “I don’t have time to workout”, but really want to lose weight and get into a new healthy lifestyle, consider trying some quicker, high-intensity workouts featured on the link to MSN above. There are a million excuses we’ve all told ourselves, whether you work odd hours and long days or you simply feel too tired after a normal day at work or at home. The truth is, you don’t have to go completely crazy with exercise and do four to six hours a day like we see on television shows. It obviously makes it more rapid and more dramatic, but making adjustments and adding a little here and there, combined with consistency and time; and you have weight loss.

If you still feel you don’t have time, or maybe are just unwilling and the excuses in your head seem legitimate, consider this: is your hectic lifestyle ruining your health? Really think about it, if you’re considerably overweight, eating fast food on the go and not working out, the signs are there for poor health. With diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure on the rise in America, it’s not just a far off fate if you’re living an unhealthy life. Make the time, starting right now, to get active, even if it’s just fifteen minutes a day at first. Take a walk, go biking or try a new activity during these short summer months.

Your quality of life is worth these changes. Your life, period, is worth the time and effort to change. Don’t get caught up in the daily grind and forget what is important, you can’t work those long hours or keep that hectic schedule if you aren’t around to do it. You’ll feel not only more energized, but less stressed and more confident when you add exercise into your new routine.

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The Smoker’s Guide to Getting Started with Hypnosis

Follow the link below to a great article on using hypnosis for smoking cessation. Some vital differences between many hypnotherapists is whether they are updated on current techniques and how experienced and educated they are when dealing with smoking clients. Unlike the information many find on the internet, using negative suggestions heavily, such as “smoking tastes like exhaust” can have the reverse effect of turning you away from it. Aversion therapy, making suggestions to gross you out over the habit, can actually make you focus more on smoking. Wherever you focus your attention, you tend to you straight towards. If it’s positive suggestions on health and wellness, the subconscious readily accepts what is good for you and you aim towards those healthy goals and visualizations.

Many smoking clients can quit in a single session, but we believe in a more follow-through approach. Even if you are doing perfect and haven’t had a single puff since the first session, it’s very important to the long-term process to keep an additional appointment and lock-in those suggestions. Harder yet, is that some people do not quit the first session, they may cut down on the amount or be struggling, this is not a failure. Many people have an all-or-nothing approach to quitting. They make a single mistake, or even just have a craving and they feel like they have failed and are done with the process. It’s an unrealistic and unhealthy approach that is self-defeating, whether using hypnosis or if you’ve experienced this during your own attempts to quit.

There are different approaches to using hypnosis. There are different styles of sessions, such as relaxation, swing-the-watch and other active hypnosis techniques. The majority respond very well to starting with relaxation and progressing from there. When one approach doesn’t take, it doesn’t mean hypnosis can’t work for you!

Be patient, knowing that every person is an individual and that even if you don’t fit the typical client, that doesn’t mean anything bad about you as a candidate for hypnosis. Be willing to be excited about quitting, even though we know a part of you loves to smoke. Be willing to work at it a little and take the time to see the results. We will cater to what an individual needs and recommend combining other techniques at times. Quitting smoking for good is a real possibility, we see it every day in our office, it’s what we love to see happen. Real results, using real hypnosis.

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