Using Your Thoughts to Slim Down!

Hypnosis is often misunderstood, there is the belief that you no longer have to do any work to lose weight. That you don’t have to exercise any longer, pay attention to what you eat or when. The illusion that hypnosis puts you on auto-pilot and drives you into success after a lifetime of health failures, is unrealistic to say the very least.

How contrary this sounds opposed to the New Year’s hype that surrounds every diet trend in America. Why even use hypnosis at all if it won’t make you do something? Often an apathetic client will say, “I thought the hypnosis would make me do it,” after refusing to listen to the CD’s, read materials, or try to exercise. They sit there with past failures reinforcing their negative outlook and simply want the quick fix, the miracle of suggestion.

What hypnosis can do is reprogram the way you think. How significant can that be after years of negative self talk! The amount of change it can create and help reinforce is incredible. You have to want new behaviors, you have to try new behaviors that the hypnotic suggestions will help strengthen. Using techniques from the most conscious of our control, like the suggestions in the MSN article, to the less conscious techniques that become ingrained into the way we eat, think and behave.

Let the New Year’s panic diets help you for the first time by taking the energy and excitement and really putting your effort behind it. Be realistic about how hypnosis works and how it works for your diet. Take your enthusiasm, but don’t let it dwindle if you don’t lose twenty pounds in a month. Real health takes time because creating true change that lasts requires mental change, not just a quick dietary alteration or brief exercise shift.

If you’ve struggled for years of your life, be patient with yourself. Be kind to your mind and know that you must work to repattern thoughts just as you took years to create those patterns. Hypnosis works faster than most expect, but permanent healthy weight loss must be done in a sustainable way.

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