New Research on Pain Control

The link above brings you to Rock Center’s page with Brian Williams and Natalie Morales reporting on this solider’s battle with extreme pain after he was wounded in combat. NBC news reports on the findings that this virtual reality game provided more relief than morphine to the soldiers using it during treatment. The study can bring more light to how the brain perceives pain. When you are not actively using the pain pathways in the brain and use other pathways to distract your mind, the pain centers in the MRI’s significantly decrease.

That means the experience of pain was reduced on a brain level. The before and after MRI scans were telling evidence of how the pain pathways were lit up before, but were hardly present while the soldiers played the virtual reality game.

You can use hypnosis to create a similar effect, creating a “virtual” world in your own mind and learning to focus on that while blocking out pain, stress, cravings, etc. That’s why hypnosis is so powerful, it is using the power of your own brain to create an alternate place where you can condition positive thoughts and feelings to become more routine. The more you think about a particular thought, the easier it is to forge that pathway in the brain. So if you’re in chronic pain, the pain pathways become more alert to any signal about pain. Meaning you experience pain more quickly and easily because your pathways have been conditioned over time to do so.

The same thing occurs with weight loss and smoking, each in different ways. With weight loss, it tends to be a combination of factors to your thinking. Negative thoughts about losing weight, eating, self image and exercise all tend to contribute towards weight gain. Reprogramming your mind to focus on positive ways of thinking and recondition your brain to do so changes how you eat, feel about your body and the process of losing weight.

For smokers, there’s the chemical element of addiction, where each time you smoke it lights up the pleasure centers in the brain. The fact is, nicotine leaves the body’s system within about 72 hours after quitting smoking. So why is it so difficult to continue to be smoke free? It’s the element of habit and conditioning that you’ve done over time. The routine is programmed into your brain making it normal and natural for you to smoke. It feels unnatural to stop smoking because the pathways are conditioned in the brain to receive that stimulus, the habit is ingrained into a pattern that feels good and the emotional ties to smoking are key to understanding how to quit.

With hypnosis, we break up those patterns that are sabotaging your health and wellness. Whether it’s pain, weight loss, or smoking cessation there are many ways to approach hypnosis for each individual. The effect can be startling with lifelong attitudes and habits disappearing and positive thoughts emerging. You can learn to condition your brain in a new way to better your health and well being for a lifetime.

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