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“Healthy, Easy Grab and Go Breakfast Recipes”-MSN I know who you are, I am one of you, I struggle daily to eat when and what I should. Meaning, I am a meal skipper, I can go hours, even all day without feeling hungry, until I am. My one saving grace is that I’ve always eaten breakfast. In fact, now I really […]

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Making Time for Movement If you’ve ever told yourself, “I don’t have time to workout”, but really want to lose weight and get into a new healthy lifestyle, consider trying some quicker, high-intensity workouts featured on the link to MSN above. There are a million excuses we’ve all told ourselves, whether you work odd hours and long days […]

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The Smoker’s Guide to Getting Started with Hypnosis

Follow the link below to a great article on using hypnosis for smoking cessation. Some vital differences between many hypnotherapists is whether they are updated on current techniques and how experienced and educated they are when dealing with smoking clients. Unlike the information many find on the internet, using negative suggestions heavily, such as “smoking […]

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“Hypnosis for Quitting Smoking”-WebMD Article

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Conscious vs. Unconcious, The Role of Hypnosis in Weight Loss

What is conscious eating and exercise look like? It looks like all the things we know how to do and what we should be doing. Eating right, adding exercise and increasing our activity levels, and eating in moderation. Unconscious or subconscious eating and exercise tends to be affected by stress and emotions, emotional eating ring […]

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“7 Tips for Lasting Weight Loss”-MSN

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Keeping Track of Ourselves

Follow the link below to read a great article about Americans and the scale. According to a study, we believe we’ve lost weight over a year, when actually people have maintained or even gained. It’s as simple as rounding up your previous weight and not keeping track. It’s sort of an optimism gone mad, we […]

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Fudge Factor-Americans In Denial About Weight Gain, Study Says-NBC News

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