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How Your Phone Can Make You Thinner

A great way to stay on track throughout the day is now available on your phone. My Fitness Pal is an application that allows you to track your calories, balance that against how active you are and see what the daily allowances are for sugar, sodium, fat intake and more! It’s totally free and you […]

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Shake Up Your Walking Routine

Here’s a link to a daily newsletter that can help shake up your walking routine. If you want to start a new exercise regimen, of course consult your doctor, but walking is an excellent way to slowly start out and then increase your intensity as you become more able. Once your walk has become easy […]

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Fitness Foods that Need to Shape Up

I must admit, I love the convenience and ease of pre-packaged foods and bars. It makes my life a little easier when I’m running around during the day to grab something quick that I can eat while driving in my car. I’ve even purchased the protein shakes and sports drinks in my time. A trainer […]

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5 Fitness Foods Will Make You Fat, MSN Article

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The Mindful Movement

We’re hearing it more today than ever before, the term mindfulness is fast becoming the new movement for health and wellness. It sounds a little new agey and a little vague, but mindfulness is catching on for a reason. To be mindful is to be aware, cognizant of your actions and present in the moment. […]

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O Magazine’s article “Calming the Fat Away” by Thea Singer

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